Welcome to the New Forest Business Directory covering Hampshire, Dorset, the South West and South of England.

Our aim is to have only reliable businesses; trades etc on the New Forest Business Directory, cowboys are not welcome. If you have a bad experience with a business or trade on this site then you have the option of leaving a review (log-in required), although this might not help you it will help others. If a business or trade gets bad reviews then it will no longer be welcome here.

There are no free listings on the New Forest Business Directory so you know the businesses or trades you may employ have paid there dues to be listed here. Free listings can attract anyone, they have nothing to loose.

Looking on the bright side, we hope all your experiences will be good ones, in which case please remember to rate the business or trade you have used on the New Forest Business Directory and please leave them good reviews (log-in required). You can also ‘Tell a Friend’ (no log-in required) about a good business or trade by clicking on the ‘Tell a Friend’ link at the top of the right hand column of every ‘single’ listing page.

If you wish to contact us at the New Forest Business Directory  (site admin), there is a contact form at the foot of every page. You message will be answered.


Businesses and Trades.

If you are good, honest and trustworthy we welcome you to the New Forest Business Directory with open arms and you have nothing to worry about. If you are not good (cowboy quality) then you know you are not good so please don’t bother advertising with us, you will just be wasting everybody’s time and you will be deleted from this site without refund, or worst still, you will be left on with a string of bad reviews to your name.

We do of course have safeguards in place for you. If we feel someone ‘has it in for you’ we may contact you about a bad review as admin looks at all reviews before they go ‘live’, they are never instant. We do aim to be fair.

Please remember you must be experienced in the categories you wish to be listed in. You must be honest and trustworthy without question. Skilled in all aspects of your published profile and will do a professional job for a truly honest price.

The annual listing price is set low for the genuine trader to prove this listing is not only very profitable but because this listing is possibly all you will ever need.

New Forest Business Directory, The New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset, South West England and the South of England (UK) New Forest Business Directory, The New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset, South West England and the South of England (UK)

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